Is Pecan Wood Good for Smoking Meat?

pecan tree in field

While not as common in the northern United States, pecan trees are quite common in the more Southern climates and while they might be most famous for the delicious pies that can be made from the pecan nut, wood from pecan trees shouldn’t be overlooked for its great properties smoking meat! This is one of …

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Is Mango Wood Good for Smoking Meat?

mango tree

Smoking meat is a great way to create amazing tasting meat, especially with the smart use of certain woods that are well known for imparting flavor. There’s a reason that cherry, hickory, apple, and mesquite are all extremely well known by barbecue experts, longtime grill masters, and smoked meat enthusiasts. But what about less common …

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Camp Cooking: Lessons as an Eagle Scout

campfire breaking down to coals

I spent a lot of my youth camping in the great outdoors and cooking around a campfire, and there were a lot of lessons I learned from those many, many spring, summer, and fall weekends on camping trips whether with the family or with the Scout Troop. While not all of my great campfire cooking …

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