Can You Bulk Up with Kebabs?

chicken skewers grilling

Kebabs are an amazing food, and I’m not surprised at all that they’ve become so popular in so many places. Honestly, I’m just surprised it’s taken this long for them to catch on! While this is a delicious and filling fast food option in the case of a Doner Kebab or a healthier alternative to …

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Is Chicken Kebab Bad for You?

chicken sesame seed kebabs

Chicken kebabs are delicious. Let’s just be honest here – they’re great! There’s a reason that chicken kebabs are a popular fast food option found in many cultures throughout the world, and it’s not hard to see why. While they are often advertised as a healthier alternative to other fast food options, anyone who has …

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The Doner Kebab: Why Has It Become So Popular?

donner kebab gyro on plate

There are many different types of kebabs out there, and what is considered a good kebab in Turkey or Greece or Germany can be wildly different dishes. While it’s common to see kebab shops across most of Europe at this point, that wasn’t always the case even a small number of years ago. Much of …

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Do Kebabs Have Nuts in Them?

peanut ban

Kebabas can be a truly delicious meal, but they come with multiple allergy concerns and obviously those need to come first. It’s not surprising that so many people want to try kebabs for the first time as they can be absolutely delicious and come in many different forms depending on where you are in the …

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Why Do My Kebabs Fall Apart?

minced kebabs on grill

Kebabs can be a delicious snack and it’s not hard to see why kebabs in general have been popular and come in so many forms in so many cultures, and why Doner kebabs in particular have really taken off in many areas, but they are far from the only ones! However different some of these …

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Do Kebabs Have Dairy?

Dairy Kebabs

Kebabs are a delicious treat and it’s not hard to understand why they have exploded in popularity as a street food. When you can get something hot, a good mixture of protein, fat, and carbs, and a snack that just satisfies you with something hot, what’s not to love? However, it’s always important to understand …

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Why Do Kebabs Make Me Feel Sick?

Doner Kebab Pic

Kebabs are an amazing food and although they’re not going to be mistaken for health food they certainly tend to be healthier than most fast food options due to not being deep fried or dripping with fat or preservatives. That said, kebabs are hardly health food and It’s not hard to see why kebabs in …

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How Is Kebab Meat Stored?

Worker carving kebab

Who doesn’t like a great kebab? Kebabs are delicious, relatively inexpensive compared to a sit-down restaurant meal, and for anyone who has a favorite kabab restaurant or corner store knows how on a rainy, cold, or long day sometimes a kebab just hits the spot. But if you’re like me and you’ve seen the big …

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Why Are Kebabs So Expensive?

shawarma in pita bread

The picture you get in your head when someone mentions kebabs can vary. Maybe it’s several small skewer sticks overloaded with pieces of meat, slices of bell pepper, and mushrooms searing on the grill. For others, it’s the tall kebab stick slowly rotating a huge amount of meat that is then carved out and added …

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Life Long Cooking Lessons from an Old Friend

steak kebabs on grill

I’ve always loved cooking. Cooking outdoors was even better, and I even started cooking outside over a campfire well before I was ever allowed to use an oven. Since the family went on frequent camping trips even before I was old enough to join Cub Scouts, time around a cooking fire was very deeply instilled …

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