Can Black Walnut Shells Be Used for Smoking Meat?

shelled black walnuts in dish

Can black walnut shells be used for smoking meat? In their normal on the ground form, absolutely not! While there are some people with a walnut tree in the yard who have tossed a few in and claim they’re fine. You don’t instantly drop dead from smoking one cigarette either, but that doesn’t make it …

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Are Citrus Woods Good for Smoking?

orange wood chips for barbecue

Citrus trees offer a wide variety of options when it comes to smoking, and many people are surprised and delighted to hear that not only are most citrus woods great for smoking meat, cheese, and other foods but that most citrus wood gives off a mild flavor which makes them appropriate with a wide array …

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Can You Use Macadamia Wood to Smoke Meat?

Macadamia Wood Chunks

Had to look for advice from some Aussie friends to find the answer to the question of whether or not you can use macadamia wood to smoke meat. Coming from a lumber family who has run major sawmills for generations, I’m no stranger to just how many different types of wood are out there and …

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Does Smoking Meat Add Calories?

slicing smoked brisket

Smoking can add a delicious flavor to meat that just takes it to the next level, and a properly cooked piece of slow cooked, slow smoked meat is often moist with those meat juices just running down the meat. As a barbecue, smoked meat, and just carnivore in general, just thinking about it gets my …

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Does Humidity Affect Smoking Meat?

Smoking meat covered grill

There is a lot of detail work that goes into making delicious tasting meat, and anyone who has truly earned their title of “Grill Master” over years of grilling, barbecuing, and smoking, and if there’s one thing you learn from decades of smoking meat it’s that there’s always more to learn. And getting that perfect …

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