How to Roast Veggie Dogs Over a Campfire

loma linda vegan hot dogs

Veggie dogs are a great alternative to traditional hot dogs, especially for those who still want to socialize and attend that local backyard barbecue or have others over for get-togethers. It can be hard to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, especially when so many others around you likely don’t, but you have options! Many …

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How Hot Are Campfire Coals?

campfire coals

Building a campfire is a fun and wonderful experience, and I never get tired of creating the base of a good campfire whether it’s by teepee or log cabin. But you don’t have to be an Eagle Scout to know when it comes to cooking over a campfire the fire is just the beginning because …

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Can You Get Sick from Cooking Over a Campfire?

Too much smoke title card

I have many good memories of being around the campfire while Scouting, and then later in life from exploring Alaska, camping, and enjoying all the adventures the outdoors had to offer. Cooking over a fire is something I have done not hundreds, but literally thousands of times in my life and so the idea that …

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How Long Does A Camp Stove Last?

cooking chicken on a camp stove

Are you planning a camping trip alone or with family? Well, you need to pack the essentials to make your trip unforgettable. If you are planning on preparing meals when out camping, you need to have the best camp stove with you. If this is your first time buying a camp stove, or even if …

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Can You Use Jiffy Pop Over a Campfire?

jiffy pop on stove

There are few experiences I love more than cooking over an open fire. The crackling of burning wood as it breaks down into glowing coals, the smell of smoke, of the outdoors, the feeling that comes from being surrounded by nature and friends outdoors while preparing the fire for a good meal. I have so …

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Camp Cooking: Lessons as an Eagle Scout

campfire breaking down to coals

I spent a lot of my youth camping in the great outdoors and cooking around a campfire, and there were a lot of lessons I learned from those many, many spring, summer, and fall weekends on camping trips whether with the family or with the Scout Troop. While not all of my great campfire cooking …

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