Can Black Walnut Shells Be Used for Smoking Meat?

shelled black walnuts in dish

Can black walnut shells be used for smoking meat? In their normal on the ground form, absolutely not! While there are some people with a walnut tree in the yard who have tossed a few in and claim they’re fine. You don’t instantly drop dead from smoking one cigarette either, but that doesn’t make it …

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Air Fryer Kebabs – Getting Delicious Kebabs Fast

dirty air fryer on kitchen countler

The Air Fryer sitting in our kitchen was a gift from a dear friend when she came Stateside to visit us, and it has seen frequent and consistent use since then. My housemate loves it because those frozen food section mini-tacos and chicken nuggets are made fast, taste great, and none of that 15 minutes …

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21 Types of Kebabs You Need to Try!

cag lamb kebab on spit

One of the amazing things about kebabs is the fact there are so many different types. Depending on where you are, what type of culture the kebab comes from, and what vegetables and proteins are regional/local will determine not only what type of ingredients are used but the style of kebabs you eat. If you …

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What Spices Are Used in Kebabs? A Comprehensive Guide

five spoons of spices

We’ve all had that experience of looking forward to a meal, biting in, and then…if it’s a happy ending you get an amazing taste miles beyond what you were expecting or you bit down and you didn’t order it hot…but suddenly everything burns. Spices can make a good meal amazing or when used poorly they …

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Are Kebab Shops Profitable?

kebab shop profitable question pic

Kebab shops are an increasingly popular option when it comes to late night snacks or whenever you want a quick hot meal via fast food. While kebab shops are gaining major market share in Europe and North America (often thanks to the Doner Kebab) but many areas in the Middle East and the Mediterranean have …

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What Do Kebab Shops Do with the Meat Overnight?

meat being sliced off kebab

Have you ever wondered just what kebab shops do with those giant rotisseries of kebab meat late at night? How do you store something like that? How long does it stay safely edible? Just what are the kebab shop owner’s options for storing kebab meat overnight? Kebab shops are a big hit in many locations …

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