Is Chicken Kebab Bad for You?

chicken sesame seed kebabs

Chicken kebabs are delicious. Let’s just be honest here – they’re great! There’s a reason that chicken kebabs are a popular fast food option found in many cultures throughout the world, and it’s not hard to see why. While they are often advertised as a healthier alternative to other fast food options, anyone who has …

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How Hot Are Campfire Coals?

campfire coals

Building a campfire is a fun and wonderful experience, and I never get tired of creating the base of a good campfire whether it’s by teepee or log cabin. But you don’t have to be an Eagle Scout to know when it comes to cooking over a campfire the fire is just the beginning because …

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Can You Get Sick from Cooking Over a Campfire?

Too much smoke title card

I have many good memories of being around the campfire while Scouting, and then later in life from exploring Alaska, camping, and enjoying all the adventures the outdoors had to offer. Cooking over a fire is something I have done not hundreds, but literally thousands of times in my life and so the idea that …

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Does Smoking Meat Add Calories?

slicing smoked brisket

Smoking can add a delicious flavor to meat that just takes it to the next level, and a properly cooked piece of slow cooked, slow smoked meat is often moist with those meat juices just running down the meat. As a barbecue, smoked meat, and just carnivore in general, just thinking about it gets my …

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The Doner Kebab: Why Has It Become So Popular?

donner kebab gyro on plate

There are many different types of kebabs out there, and what is considered a good kebab in Turkey or Greece or Germany can be wildly different dishes. While it’s common to see kebab shops across most of Europe at this point, that wasn’t always the case even a small number of years ago. Much of …

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Do Kebabs Have Nuts in Them?

peanut ban

Kebabas can be a truly delicious meal, but they come with multiple allergy concerns and obviously those need to come first. It’s not surprising that so many people want to try kebabs for the first time as they can be absolutely delicious and come in many different forms depending on where you are in the …

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Does Humidity Affect Smoking Meat?

Smoking meat covered grill

There is a lot of detail work that goes into making delicious tasting meat, and anyone who has truly earned their title of “Grill Master” over years of grilling, barbecuing, and smoking, and if there’s one thing you learn from decades of smoking meat it’s that there’s always more to learn. And getting that perfect …

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How Long Does A Camp Stove Last?

cooking chicken on a camp stove

Are you planning a camping trip alone or with family? Well, you need to pack the essentials to make your trip unforgettable. If you are planning on preparing meals when out camping, you need to have the best camp stove with you. If this is your first time buying a camp stove, or even if …

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Can You Use Too Much Wood When Smoking Meat?

Too much smoke title card

One of the most common questions I get from new smokers, grillers, and barbecuers is how much wood should they use to smoke their meat? After all, this can make a huge difference in the overall flavor of your meat and for a newbie, it’s a legitimate question. Well, it’s natural to assume that when …

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Why Do My Kebabs Fall Apart?

minced kebabs on grill

Kebabs can be a delicious snack and it’s not hard to see why kebabs in general have been popular and come in so many forms in so many cultures, and why Doner kebabs in particular have really taken off in many areas, but they are far from the only ones! However different some of these …

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